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Telangana State Hotels Association protest against High GST Rates, calls for a Bandh on 30th May 

Hyderabad 27th May 2017: The Telagnana State Hotesl Assocaiton (TSHA) has launched a protest against the cetnral governments new GST Tarriffs against the Hotels, restaurants lodges, sweet shops bakeries, tiffin centers, messes, dhabas, canteens, catering and canteens in the state and called for a state wide bandh on 30th May 2017. 

The members of the TSHA marked their protest by wearing black badges and gave a bandh call against the high GST rates.


GST belied the hopes of public and the hotel industry for a fair deal. The introduction of GST regime from 1st July next month is going to put severe strain on the public and the hotel industry. The public and the hotel industry expected big relief in GST. But the new tariffs have altogether come as a big shocker to the hotel industry. "We have announced a state wide bandh on 30th May 2017 to protest against the central goverment's high GST tarrif rates against the hotel industry. we want the government to immediately role back and save the common man from the rising costs," said Venkat Reddy, President of TSHA.