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Hyderabad, 18th November, 2017: Fist International Orth-Nuro Conference 2017 was held in Hyderabad from 18-19 at Visvesvaryaa Bhavan in Khairatabad. 

Diseases, Ailments, stress related conditions bring its share of Side-Effect through Free treatment. Misinformation & Lack of scientific research are cause of concern today's age, as we go through an era of diseases marred by lifestyle variations, lack of immunity, and other conditions due to external factors in environment e.g. (pollution). 

UNANI MEDICINE has proven to be more effective & safer in regards of various medical treatments such as Orthopedics, Neurology, Gastroenterology, ENT, Nephrology, Urology, Gynecology & More, avered experts while talking at the inagural of the first international Ortho-Neuro conference.  


The main objective of this two day conference is to highlight the Unani Trends in Management of Orthopedics & Neuro Sciences. and discuss and Highlight the Role of Unani regimen in Joint Disorders, Spine Diseases and Other Ortho - Neuro Disorder .

The conference is also meant to provide a platform to discuss and offer cost effective treatment in Ortho-Neuro Sciences. It is also aimed at gathering renowned Ortho-Neuro practitioners on one platform. The other objectives of the conference include to Develop Common Platform for Knowledge - Exchange Program. To Discuss & Highlight role of regimental therapy in Ortho-Neuro Sciences. To Establish an Asian Orthopedic Council for Promotion of this Art. To Emphasis need for a specialty course for Ortho-Neuro Sciences with Unani System of Medicine. Powerful treatments of Unani like Cupping Therapy has proved its effectiveness & safety on numerous occasions is completely Free of Side-Effects providing instant relief making it a valuable asset in today’s modern science. 

Many people in India & across the globe looked up to UNANI MEDICINE as a source as treatment. International Stars & Sports personalities such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, David Arquette, Olympic Champion Swimmer Michael Phelps are some of the famous “fans” of the medieval practice of cupping that was also used in various ancient cultures such as Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern for the purpose detoxifying, relaxation, blood circulation & alleviating pain. Speaking on the Occasion Dr. Khaja Badaruddin Siddiqui- Chairman Ortho-Neuro Conf-2017, Dr. Ghulam Mohiuddin- Organizing Secretary, Dr. Rafi Hyder Shakkeb - Convenor Dr. Md. Siraj Ul Haq-Co-Convenor, Dr. Rahman Khan - Co-Convener said "The Present Ortho-Neuro Conf- 2017 is being organized with the vision to discuss the need of efficacy of Unani Medicine & Regimental Therapy with a specific focus on the Art of Bone-Setting in order to highlight the effectiveness without any surgical intervention and thereby making this affordable non-invasive techniques of treating bone setting, bone reunion & musculoskeletal disease making this a reality without any side effects. Neurology which has also been successfully dealt with and treated by eminent orthopedist Hakeem Gulam Rasool Sahab and his successors – sons Hakeem Gulam Mohiuddin and Hakeem Gulam Mustafa. 

The Conference aimed to identify the need for specialty certification course in the discipline of Ortho-Neuro Science in order to promote the proficient art of non- invasive-non surgical reliant methods and techniques to treating patients across the globe. The Conference vision’s is to incorporate and accommodate all UNANI professionals, medical graduates & post-graduates and students of all systems to interact and learn this effective technique. Renowned Doctors-Orthopedist will attend the conference and will share their valuable experience and thoughts from across the world.