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Doctors at Maxcure adopts innovative medical surgery to restore blood flow in the arm of patientt sufferng from ischemia

Hyderabad 6th July 2018: A team of doctors at Maxcure performed an innovative medical procedure to restore the arm of a paietnt suffering from severe pain due to ischemia due to lack of blood floow in his upper arm. 

Going into the details, a 58 year’s old Mallaiah from Hyderabad with severe pain in his left upper limb. 

Upon consultation with a local doctor, his left hand was cold, pulseless and on Doppler scan, there was no blood flow in his upper limb from his mid-arm region. Then he was taken up to many hospitals but due to lack of facility to treat such problem, he was shifted to MaxCure hospital Madhapur after 3 days of the incident. 

On arrival to MaxCure Hospital his condition was very critical, was in severe pain, the limb was very cold, no pulse was felt and Doppler reconfirmed no blood flow below the mid-arm region.

Vijay Devarakonda to promote Sangeetha mobiles

Hyderabad, July 3rd, 2018: Sangeetha mobiles has signed Vijaya Devarkonda, as its Brand Ambassador to promote the largest mobile retail chain in South India.  

The announcement was made in a unique fashion amidst the actor’s fans at St. Mary’s College, Yousufguda in Hyderabad.

In an interesting build-up to the announcement, fans and students were kept unaware of the fact that Vijay Devarakonda was going to visit the college as part of his engagement with Sangeetha mobiles. When the activity started, and Vijay Devarakonda arrived at the college, his fans and students were up for a huge surprise and mobbed the latest heartthrob of Telugu cinema. Even in that situation, Vijay looked quite a sport and handled the frenzy with ease. He mingled with his fans and posed for selfies with the young boys and girls.

Talking about his love for mobile phones and his association with Sangeetha mobiles, Vijay Devarakonda said, “Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives; and getting the right phone to suit our needs and style becomes an important task. Unlike the clutter in the market, Sangeetha mobiles has been a brand that stood the test of the time and emerged into a significant player across South India. They help we customers make the right choice while buying a mobile phone without seizing higher margins; and this ideology of Sangeetha convinced me to get allied with this brand and am happy to be here with you all today to announce this association.

Prione Onboards 60 Thousand Small Sellers in India

Hyderabad, July 1st, 2018: Prione Business Services Pvt Ltd, a joint venture between Catamaran Ventures and Amazon, has enabled 60,000 small and medium businesses (SMBs) across 150+ cities in India to sell their products in the online marketplace. In addition, Prione has onboarded numerous unique products which include indigenously crafted artifacts and handicrafts produced from across the country. Thereby providing sellers and SMBs with an additional channel to increase their sales.

Backed by specialized e-commerce expertise and experience, Prione helps SMBs quickly and seamlessly start their online business without the usual heavy investment required in traditional retail. Prione organizes special workshops and training sessions across India to help SMBs manage and grow their business online. Prione also helps SMBs identify the right products for e-commerce and offers support with digitizing product catalogs, extending world-class fulfilment services, and developing capabilities to deliver best-in-class customer service.      

“Today, technology driven innovations such as digital payments, hyper-local logistics, analytics driven customer engagement and digital advertisements have enabled the e-commerce industry in India to grow at a much faster rate,” said Sandeep Varaganti, CEO of Prione. “We strive to deliver the best experience to the SMB community and help them find new avenues of growth and expansion for their business through the online marketplace. With over 51 million SMBs in India, our initiative of supporting SMBs that are manufacturing unique products is a step towards providing them with a wider reach across India,” he added. 

Prione has expanded its product offerings by onboarding unique products that vary from hand painted stationary to soaps made from pure milk and Ghee by sellers in Mumbai and Ludhiana, Punjab respectively. These sellers are seeing a steady growth in their revenue as they sell over 3,000 products monthly. Startups providing unique products such as coolers for helmets and phone stands along with powerless amplifiers for mobiles are witnessing a rapid growth with Prione’s assistance in selling online.

Speaking on how business has grown tremendously, Sundara Rajan from BluArmor said, “Prione was extremely helpful in onboarding us onto the e-commerce marketplace. The process was seamless, and we were able to list our product and get up and running on the portal in no time. Our customer reach has increased multi-fold because of this and about 30% of our online business is through the online platform.”

Residents of Jadcherla awarded certificate in leadership training at Noida in New Delhi

Mahabubnagar 25 May 2018: Training for stake holders in leadership, capacity building and construction sectors was concluded on Friday at V.V. Giri National Labour Institute in Noida, New Delhi.

As part of this week long training programme 5 persons from Jadcherla mandal of Mahabubngar district were invited and were trained in the capacity buidling programme. More than 50 persons from differnt states like Assam, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh West Bengal and Delhi had taken part. Members from politics, employees and trade unions took part actively in this programme. 

As part of the training progrmame, the invitees were taught on skills of leadership qualities, and were trained as to who to work smartly in the construction and building sector. "The five day capacity building programme has enhanced our skills and had helped gain more knowledge on leadership qualities. Such progrmmes conducted by the government is of great help to us," said Srikanth, a resident of Jadcherla mandal. 

Among those who received awards from Jadcherla on the concluding day of the programme include MD. Imtiyaz Ahmad Khan, M. Srikanth, Naveen Reddy, G. Raghuramulu, E. Chandra Reddy from Jadcherla present. 

PG students taught Culinary Art at Sous Vide Cooking and Molecular Gastronomy workshop in Hyderabad

Sharing their Knowledge on Culinary art, Brand Culinary Academy of India (CAI) has conducted a one day work shop on the topic of Sous Vide Cooking and Molecular Gastronomy on 11th May 2018 on Friday.

According to Chef Akshay Kulkarni, Head of department, Brand CAI, all cooking is Science and he says there are scientific principles behind everything that happens in a Kitchen. Molecular Gastronomy is a field of study that investigates the chemical and physical reactions and transformations which occur during the cooking process.

The organizers of the work shop had brought state-of-art Kitchen equipments and material worth Rs. 10 lakhs and used it for educating the post graduate students in Culinary Arts. The management has not restricted the learning only to its students but has also even invited the Chef Instructors of various hotel managements and culinary colleges and also the chefs from the five star hotels to showcase the culinary art and knowledge. “Whatever that we do in Kitchen is not just preparing the food, but in fact it is a science based on certain principals. Behind everything that we perform in a Kitchen there is scientific knowledge that relates to the field of Molecular Gastronomy, a field of study that investigates the chemical and physical reactions and transformation which occur during the cooking process,” says Chef Sudhakar N. Rao, Director Principal of Culinary Academy of India.

US Congresswomen Terri A. Swell and Dina Titus called on Minister 

Hyderabad April 3rd 2018: US Congresswomen Terri A. Swell and Dina Titus called on Minister Sri K.T.Rama Rao in Hyderabad today. During the meeting, Minister Sri K.T. Rama Rao highlighted the IT, Life Sciences, Aerospace and Defence sectors in Telangana. Minister also informed the visiting delegates about the marquee US companies which have their operations in Telangana.