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Hyderabad, 18th December 2018: Rapidue Technologies, has announced the launch of India’s first integrated digital platform for efficient waste and recycle management.  As India moves from its villages to its cities, this rapid urbanization is creating tremendous pressure on the city support systems. Experts have opined that India is following a flawed system of waste disposal and management. More than three-fourths of waste management budget is used for collection and transportation, while little is budgeted for processing and recycling.

This ticking time bomb prompted the promoters of Rapidue Technology to create Recykal - a solution that would bring everybody involved under a single platform, which would be easy to use, transparent and safe. While the Recykal app is tailor made for the industry and government, it also introduced the add-on app Uzed, which will cater to the individual and residential users. Rapidue Technology has created a sustainable solution that connects the various stakeholders to create one of its kind ecosystem via a technology platform enabling transactions ns between the consumers, businesses, waste collectors, recyclers and destructors. The same platform includes a dashboard, which provides information on how and where the materials are being reused, recycled, composted or disposed of, enabling transparency and accountability.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Abhishek Deshpande, co-Founder & CEO said, “Recykal and Uzed brings a new perspective to waste management and recycling, with the focus being on hassle free collection, transparent model and accountable processing. We at Rapidue Technologies have focused on ensuring that each piece is interconnected and have taken extra care to be inclusive by providing healthcare and insurance services to our collection partners. Currently, there is a limitation on how waste can be used as a resource, and with Recykal and Uzed, we want to widen the horizon create new opportunities.”