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World Egg day celebrated, Suresh Chitturi VC ICE launches it in Hyderabad

Hyderabad 12th  October 2018: The World Egg Day  which is celebrated on 2nd Friday of October every year got off to a cracking start in India at Hyderabad today with the launch by  Suresh Chitturi, Vice Chairman of INTERNATIONAL EGG COMMISSION (IEC) & Vice-Chairman & Managing Director of Srinivasa Farms Private Limited. 

The day has been planned with panel discussions, seminars, Chefs making EGGlicious dishes , road shows competitios amomg others to create awareness about goodness of Eggs On World Egg Day, many countries around the globe organize exciting activities filled with adventure, fun and awareness promoting the benefits of eggs to human health and encourage all age groups and fitness levels to participate.

Benifits of Egg: 

Eggs have a valuable role to play at the very earliest stages of human development and can continue to be of significant benefit throughout our lives. With the power to sustainably feed the world, eggs high quality protein, essential vitamins and minerals are essential for:

- Foetal development

- Healthy brain development in young children

- Improving concentration levels at school, work and play

“Over the past 23 years, IEC communicated the positive impact that eggs can have on our lives. They are not only universally beneficial to our health; I’ve also discovered that they’re universally funny! In both developed and developing populations – a high quality source of protein is a fundamental requirement; and that’s a very serious message. However, we also want engage with the widest possible audience, by encouraging children and their parents to share the more humorous side of the humble egg.” Said Suresh Chitturi.

IEC constantly engages with the stakeholders communities in promoting the goodness of eggs. This year, for promoting the goodness of Egg and spreading awareness, IEC, through Srinivasa Farms Pvt Ltd, leader in Poultry Business in India, has undertaken a series of events which among others include

Adoption of 30 schools in Telangana.

Malnutrition is a serious problem among children in Developing Countries. In India; Mid-Day meal program is in place to combat malnutrition in Government schools. We at IEC through Srinivasa Farms , plans to adopt 30 Government schools and provide nutritious EGGS as part of  Mid-day meal program for a period of one year.

World EGG day celebrations

World Egg day is being celebrated by a press conference by IEC Vice-Chairman Mr C Suresh Rayudu promoting the goodness and nutritional benefits of egg. This will be a good platform to launch the theme / agenda set by IEC for respective years. IEC plans to celebrate in a big way. World Egg Day will create a permanent platform for Poultry and Egg industry.